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Mia Zottoli in Visions of Passion (2003) (USA)

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Jeanie is filming her neighbors through her window for her film project. One night she film a senator and a callgirl which gets her into trouble. However, Alice the callgirl is very sexy and cute and they end up sleep...

Athena Massey in Undercover Heat (1995) (USA)

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A female cop goes undercover in a high price whorehouse to find a murderer and discovers she likes the assignment more than she should.

Charlene Blaine in Passion and Romance: Ocean of Dreams (1997) (USA)

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The ocean awaits you ... take a cruise to romance, desire, and passion. A time to rekindle old flames, and to a light new ones. Join Melinda and her friends as they discover new encounters, and voyage into their deepe...

Tracie May in Passion and Romance: Double Your Pleasure (1997) (USA)

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Flamboyant Texas millionaire Hubie Haliday hires a hip young private eye to find his two missing wayward identical twin sister nieces, who Haliday suspects stole a considerable sum of his money when they ran away. The...

Alana Evans in Passionate Encounters (2004) (USA)

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Dr. Kinkaid and Dr. Jenkins start a sociological experiment, which involves examining how men and women react to each other in specific social situations. Volunteers selected for research who spend the weekend locked ...

Devinn Lane in Passions Peak (2000) (USA)

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Christina inherits a rural property that she intends to open a mountain lodge. Plot thickens when James arrives with his new stripper friend. How far will James go to sabotage the lodge?

Tamara Landry in Passionate Deceptions (2005) (USA)

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L.A. cops Susan Tiano (Belinda Gavin) and Tucker Schaffer (Todd White) are part of the Internet Sex Crime division; actually, they ARE the division. Susan craves more excitement in her job, since she's bored paying of...

Amanda Prentice in Passion Cove – Best Friends (2001) (USA)

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A man and woman ponder becoming more than just best friends when their current relationships fall apart on a vacation weekend

Cassandra Cruz in Lady Chatterly’s Ghost (2011) (USA)

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Married but lonely, Sandra finds herself absorbed in the novel Lady Chatterley's Lover. But passion soon leaps from the pages of the book to Sandra's personal life--especially when she takes an amorous interest in a h...

Tracie May in Passion and Romance: Double or Nothing (1997) (USA)

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Romance novelist Kathleen Connell meets the suave Jack at one of her book signings. He asks for a date, and she agrees. Through various mishaps, their date is postponed twice, and we are shown the erotic wanderings of...

Cassandra Wild in Rocco: Animal Trainer 4 (2000) (USA)

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Nikki Anderson is hot as always, and you'll drool over the too cute angel.

Kiki Ferrari in Breaking Ass in St. Petersburg (2008) (USA)

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Rocco travels back to Russia's beautiful Venice of the North for some nasty sex with fine, willing anal harlots! We start on the St. Petersburg streets with horny creepazoid Omar Galanti and his pal. They pick up two ...

Asuka Tamami in Hidden Passion (1992) (Hong Kong)

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The good wife who cares for her sickly husband struggles to control her hidden passions and lusts. Erotica through the eyes of a lonely woman.

Mary Stuart in The Passions of Carol (1975) (USA)

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This story is based on Charles Dickens' "Christmas Carol", and was the first complete screenplay that I wrote. All previous efforts were shot from detailed outlines and used improvised dialogue. All subsequent efforts...

Jessica Alba Sexy Ass Tribute

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Jessica Alba one of the hottest babes to grace television

Patricia Neal in The Passage (1979) (Australia)

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During WW 2, a Basque shepherd is approached by the underground, who wants him to lead a scientist and his family across the Pyrenees. While being pursued by a sadistic German.

Susan Featherly in Passion Crimes (2001) (USA)

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Heather (Susan Featherly) is a young and very attractive attorney who is given the case of a lifetime when her firm's most prestigious client, Harry Fletcher (John Busse), is charged with the murder of his wife Raquel...

Anne Louise Hassing in The Idiots (1998) (Denmark)

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The group of people gather at the house in Copenhagen suburb to break all the limitations and to bring out the "inner idiot" in themselves.

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