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Kim Sill in Passion Cove: Behind The Scenes (2000) (USA)

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A dating game TV show shoots an episode at Passion Cove. While the show guest stars are getting to know each other, the producer and her main camera man make a little showbiz magic of their own.

Celeste Sheeley in Passion Cove: Best Friends (2001) (USA)

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A man and woman ponder becoming more than just best friends when their current relationships fall apart on a vacation weekend.

Amanda Prentice in Passion Cove: Enchanted Weekend (2000) (USA)

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Kate and Ellie wanted to spend a nice peaceful weekend away from the world, men, and the problems that come with them. When two ship wrecked sailor show up everything changes.

Micah Bradshaw in Passion Cove: Rising Stars (2000) (USA)

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The rock band, Rising Stars, spends time at Passion Cove to practice for their next gig. Drama between the band members and management ensues.

Caroline Ambrose in Passion Cove: The Vibe (2000) (USA)

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A photography student and his pals discover the arousing effects of a special stone.

Susan Featherly in Passion Cove: Ghostly Passion (2001) (USA)

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Two ghost chasers investigate a vacation house reported to be haunted and encounter a pair of sexy ghosts.

Caroline Ambrose in Passion Cove: Discreet Affair (2001) (USA)

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A man and a woman meet one weekend each year for a very discreet affair from whomever they're currently dating.

Caroline Ambrose in Passion Cove: The Gift (2000) (USA)

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A couple out for a romantic getaway at Passion Cove receives a series of surprises at their door. Each day a different package arrives with a game or some accessories they must promise to put to good use.

LoriDawn Messuri in Passion Cove: In Too Deep (2000) (USA)

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Mike goes to Passion Cove to delivery a script for his boss, Sid. He finds the place ransacked and Sid girlfriend is there all alone.

Jessica Lee in Passion Cove: House Calls (2001) (USA)

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Rock star Petra needs to recuperate from her tour and Passion Cove is the perfect place. Lucky for her that there was a doctor on call to make house calls when she needed special attention.

Gina-Raye Carter in Passion Cove: Watching Linda (2000) (USA)

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Linda is being locked away at Passion Cove by her powerful boyfriend Dominic while he goes off to Europe for business. Driver and bodyguard, Tim stays with her to look out for her and protect her.

Nancy O’Brien in Passion Cove: Lights Camera Action (2000) (USA)

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Passion Cove is being used to shoot a movie. The actors are having a problem making the love scene work until the magic of the house turns a befuddled scene into magic.

Caroline Ambrose in Passion Cove: Practice What You Preach (2001) (USA)

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Dr Henning, a writer of relationship help books, needs to relax before her next tour. Elizabeth knows what to tell everyone else, but she has no relationship of her own. A weekend at Passion Cove changes all of that.

Venessa Blair in Passion Cove: Music Of Lust (2000) (USA)

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Anna is a beautiful pianist who has a performance coming up. Struggling to finish one sonata without a mistake, she contacts her former teacher Julian. His intimate instructions help her find the spot where the music ...

Regina Russell Banali in Passion Cove: The Best Revenge (2001) (USA)

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A young woman hires an actor to pretend to be her boyfriend for the weekend in order to make her ex-boyfriend jealous.

Nenna Quiroz in Passion Cove: Blind Date (2000) (USA)

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Jane has been throwing herself a pity party. Her friend Elise set her up on a different kind of "Blind Date". The type of date that only Passion Cove could inspire.

Caroline Ambrose in Passion Cove: The Getaway (2000) (USA)

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Amy and David are at Passion Cove for a final blow out of carnal pleasures before they get married. They run into another couple, Felicity and Matt, who claim to be renting the house. Now, it's a party!

Nancy Vee in Passion Cove: Ten Years Later (2001) (USA)

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A man keeps his promise to meet a woman at a special spot on the beach exactly ten years after they were separated.

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