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Sandy Carey in Deep Jaws (1976) (USA)

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A bankrupt studio schemes the government to finance a sexploitation mermaids film. Casting couches thus join the already exploitive studio. Meanwhile, the Secretary of State arranges an affair with the studio head's b...

Jennifer Jordan in Anyone But My Husband (1975) (USA)

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After her husband rejects her, Nora Pelham is advised by Dr. Malcolm to have an affair. Soon enough, even the fortune teller Madame Chaney convinces Nora having sex with her is already determined by fate.

Kandi Barbour in Screwpies (1979) (USA)

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A news reporter is sent out on the street to inquire about people's sexual fantasies.

Amber Hunt in Candy Stripers (1978) (USA)

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Sexual adventures of nurses' helpers in a hospital.

Amanda De Cadenet in Fall (1997) (USA)

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Cab driver Michael and supermodel Sarah fall in love while her gorgeous husband Phillippe is in Madrid for two months.

Shizuko Tôyama in Flower and Snake 2: Sketch of Hell (1985) (Japan)

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Kaori Aso lives in the wealthy family. She cheated her stepmother that she has been kidnapped by somebody. Unfortunately, Aso's accomplice really kidnapped Aso and her stepmother and forced them to play SM games. Aso'...

Vilma Santos in Darna and the Giants (1973) (Philippines)

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Lina Romay in Wanda, the Wicked Warden (1977) (West Germany)

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A desperate young woman goes undercover to infiltrate the brutal warden Ilsa's mental health facility for the sexually deviant women, after the mysterious disappearance of her sister.

Amanda Blake in Betrayed Teens (1977) (USA)

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Fourteen-year-old Linda Dunraven stems from an affluent family of New York City socialites. After Linda gets kidnapped by a gang of bikers, her bitchy mother Helen hires a private detective to find her.

Anne Sand in Dora… la frénésie du plaisir (1976) (France)

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Barbara and Jacques Bellemont, a couple of Parisians are in search of new sensations, They embark for Africa to be by hosted Olivier, a hunting guide and his mistress Dora.She tries to win back her husband by witchcraft.

Rungrawee Barijindakul in Sin Sisters 2 (2010) (Thailand)

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Five attractive girls find themselves trapped in an unfamiliar place with a strange voice telling them that one of them has to sacrifice her life in a diabolical ritual. Struggling to survive, the girls need to reveal...

Sylvester Stallone in The Party at Kitty and Stud’s (1970) (USA)

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Kitty and Stud are lovers. They enjoy a robust sex-life, which includes fellatio and light S&M, specifically, Stud belt-whipping Kitty. Three women come over for a party and Stud services them, one after the other.

Landon Hall in Stolen Hearts (1988) (USA)

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A psychic night club waitress and a private investigator, who may or may not be her soulmate, must find her boss' double-crossing boyfriend who robbed her before he flees the country.

Mandy Fisher in Twisted Desires (2005) (USA)

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A therapist and a lawyer (a couple) and a female erotic stories writer talk about various sex stories of some couples.

Jane Jensen in Tromeo and Juliet (1996) (USA)

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Tromeo, a filmmaker, falls in love with Juliet, the daughter of a former partner who tried to steal his business from him.

Nikki Charm in Sweet and Naughty (1984) (USA)

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Horny and inexperienced Nita (played by popular centerfold Nikki Charm) is lying on her couch thinking about her older brother and sister's sexcapades. She then dreams about seducing them both as well as dad.

Jane Alexander in Sweet Country (1987) (Greece)

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Anna and Ben are settled in rural Chile in the early 1970's. They are very isolated and their only real friends are two Chilean sisters, Eva and Monica. When Ben is stranded in Santiago on the eve of the military take...

Dawn Perry in The Master and Ms. Johnson (1984) (USA)

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A carnal cuckoo's nest!

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