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American Actress Lucy Jenner in Seventh Sense (1999) (USA)

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A blind street musician, shut off from everything but her music, begins working with a reclusive composer who uses sensual metaphors as teaching tools. Farced with the possibility of regaining her eyesight she fears s...

American Actress Laila Odom in Zane’s Sex Chronicles: Curveball (2010) (USA)

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The seduction continues as the ladies must deal with the aftermath of what happened to Maricruz. There is a new hot club in town, co-owned by two women -- Jade, a childhood friend of the girls and Trinity, who is havi...

American Actress Sara Suzanne Brown in Mirror Images II (1993) (USA)

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Shannon Whirry stars as Carrie and Terrie, a pair of twins who were separated in youth when their father murdered their mother and was in turn killed by his own bad twin daughter. Now the sweet-natured "good" sister h...

American Actress Jeannie Millar in The Key To Sex (1999) (USA)

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A low-level assistant to a successful movie producer is given a very special assignment -- watch over the boss' house while he's away. The assistant thinks it would be fun to invite over a few friends, not realizing t...

Italian Actress Brunella Casolari in Devil In The Flesh (1986) (Italy)

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An Italian high school student becomes infatuated with a woman he sees outside his class window. Her fiancée is in jail for being involved in a radical movement, and she spends much time in court providing moral suppo...

American Actress Peggy Trentini in Beverly Hills Bordello: Teach Me (1996) (USA)

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With their relationship in trouble because their love life lacks their old spark, a couple visits the Winston Spa and gain a new understanding of each other.

American Actress Leigh Matchett in Femalien (1996) (USA)

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A race of extraterrestrial beings has evolved to the point that they only exist as beams of light. Not having any physical experiences in their collective memories, they send Kara (Venesa Talor) to Earth, in order for...

American Actress Natalia Ashe in Girl Explores Girl (1998) (USA)

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Zorkon and Galaxia are a couple of aliens who come to Earth to learn how to reproduce in order to save their dying race. However, things go awry after Galaxia discovers that she's a lesbian, which in turn could underm...

American Actress Sita Thompson in Beverly Hills Bordello: Research (1998) (USA)

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A college coed writing an expose on prostitution struggles with objectivity during an undercover stint at that haven of eroticism known as the Beverly Hills Bordello.

American Actress Melissa Hellman in Cynara: Poetry in Motion (1996) (USA)

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1883, Baycliff, an isolated English village on the Irish Sea. Two women's friendship becomes passion. Cynara, a sculptor, alone, befriends Byron, a visitor who's left Paris in unhappiness. They ride horses, talk, play...

American Actress Meg Foster in Undercover Heat (1995) (USA)

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A female cop goes undercover in a high price whorehouse to find a murderer and discovers she likes the assignment more than she should.

American Actress Leslie Zemeckis in Damien’s Seed (1996) (USA)

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A detective is hired to find a rich woman's step-sister.

American Actress Micah Bradshaw in Dangerous Pleasures (2001) (USA)

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Valerie Spito (Jacy Andrews), is an attractive, lusty blonde black widow, who has survived the loss of six rich husbands. She attracts the interest of a police detective and an insurance investigator, Grady Kent. Thes...

American Actress Erika Jordan in Vixens from Venus (2016) (USA)

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Things get funky for a strike team of sexy female aliens when they come to Earth in search for "male seeds."

American Actress Darlene Margolis in Hot Springs Hotel (1997) (USA)

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Brother and Sister, Randy and Kat, own the Hot Springs Hotel and along with Kat's Friend Lacey get into all kinds of shenanigans with their staff and customers.

American Actress Beverly Lynne in Strip Club Slayer (2016) (USA)

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When a strip club goer is killed, the dancers hire a bouncer to protect themselves. As the sexual tension grows between one of the women and the bouncer, the mystery of the dangerous killer unravels.

American Actress Erika Jordan in Paranormal Sexperiments (2016) (USA)

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When college coed Cindy inherits the Old Dracovich Mansion, she gets a lot more than she bargained for. The victim of a violent death, Lady Dracovich stills haunts the house from beyond the grave, plotting to bring th...

American Actress Masha Miturina in The Love Machine (2016) (USA)

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Women seeking therapy from a relationship counselor are programmed, via the Love Machine, to brutally kill their mates when a hypnotic response triggers their homicidal rage.

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