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Janice Griffith in Love, Sex and TV News (2015) (USA)

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When a beautiful TV producer swaps lives with a gorgeous high-class escort for a news story, they both take a wild trip into an alternate lifestyle as high stakes drama and steamy sex hit the 11 o'clock news.

Monique Alexander in The Best Sex Ever: Hearts On Fire (2003) (USA)

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A fireman whose relationships have been a string of highly intense and short lived sexual encounters wants to find Miss Right. He starts seeing a therapist to help him work out his issues.

Brandy Davis in Passion Cove: Silent Night

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Larry's immaturity with woman causes all of his relationships to end prematurely and badly. In homage to Dickens, Larry is visited by four ghosts that help him learn a lesson.

Nikki Nova in Busty Cops: Protect and Serve (2009) (USA)

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The Busty Cops are back, and must prevent Finkel and Billy Viscious from winning an election by any means necessary.

Gabriella Hall in Passion and Romance: Double Your Pleasure (1997) (Germany)

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Romance novelist Kathleen Connell meets the suave Jack at one of her book signings. He asks for a date, and she agrees. Through various mishaps, their date is postponed twice, and we are shown the erotic wanderings of...

Regina Russell Banali in Scandal: [email protected] (2001) (USA)

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A young college student, kindly invites her teacher John to stay at her apartment for the night, however, her friend and roommate Christine wants to see everything, so she secretly records it..

Rebecca Love in Bikini Jones and the Temple of Eros (2010) (USA)

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Dr. Bikini Jones is on the hunt for the lost Temple of Eros. Using a golden idol as her guide, she searches the wild land of Moronica.

Brittany Andrews in Femalien (1996) (USA)

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A race of extraterrestrial beings has evolved to the point that they only exist as beams of light. Not having any physical experiences in their collective memories, they send Kara (Venesa Talor) to Earth, in order for...

Sarah Blake in Sex Games Cancun: Scents and Sensibility (2006) (USA)

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Dana and Elliot, a pair of lusty biologists, develop and evaluate an aphrodisiac pheromone. Preliminary testing offers promise, but surprises await.

Nikki Fritz in Sex, Secrets and Betrayals (2000) (USA)

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Maggie (Nikki Fritz) takes matters (among other things) into her hands when her boyfriend gets in over his head with gambling debts. She agrees to be Carl the gangster's sex slave (more or less) for a week. Things get...

Cassandra Cruz in Lady Chatterly’s Ghost (2011) (USA)

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Married but lonely, Sandra finds herself absorbed in the novel Lady Chatterley's Lover. But passion soon leaps from the pages of the book to Sandra's personal life--especially when she takes an amorous interest in a h...

Jacy Andrews in Dangerous Invitations (2002) (USA)

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Men and women hook up in different sections of a private resort.

Beverly Lynne in Young and Tempting (2006) (USA)

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A married man tries to end an affair with his lover, and ends up accidentally killing her in self-defense when she turns psycho.

Landon Hall in Hotel Exotica (1999) (USA)

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A woman, her husband, her sister and the husband's business partner visit a resort, where stale relationships are rekindled with the help of the hostess and her girls.

Jodie Fisher in Passion and Romance: Ocean of Dreams (1997) (USA)

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The ocean awaits you ... take a cruise to romance, desire, and passion. A time to rekindle old flames, and to a light new ones. Join Melinda and her friends as they discover new encounters, and voyage into their deepe...

Gabriella Hall in Passion and Romance: Double Your Pleasure (1997) (USA)

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Flamboyant Texas millionaire Hubie Haliday hires a hip young private eye to find his two missing wayward identical twin sister nieces, who Haliday suspects stole a considerable sum of his money when they ran away. The...

Jacqui Holland in Bikini Model Mayhem (2016) (USA)

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A manipulative, dirty politician programs bikini-model robots to seduce his rivals for blackmail purposes.

Landon Hall in Over The Wire (1996) (USA)

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Ex cop turned lineman overhears a phone call in which a woman hires a contract killer to take care of her sister. With the help of his cop friend, the lineman tries to determine which of the two gorgeous sisters has m...

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