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Hélène Shirley in Die Heisse Liebe Eines Sommers (1982) (Switzerland)

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The family decides to retire at the Villa outside the city. But the quiet life not happened...

Mandy Fisher in Passion Before Midnight (2003) (USA)

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Crystal (Shayla LaVeaux) believed she had the ideal existence: a passionate spouse and classy environments. But all that comes failing down when her husband abruptly efforts to kill her. Baffled and frightened, she fi...

Shyla Stylez in Alabama Jones and the Busty Crusade (2005) (USA)

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Three sexy adventurers experience erotic escapades while hunting for ancient treasures.

Elizabeth Sandifer in The Pamela Principle 2 (1994) (USA)

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Charles is bored with being a wealthy, successful architect. He takes a temporary job photographing undressed women and falls for Pamela. His wife, Elaine, has little sympathy for this mid-life crisis.

Laura Gemser in And Give Us Our Daily Sex (1979) (Spain)

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Verónica (Barbara Rey) and her friend (Laura Gemser) are two very sexy bisexual nurses who live upstairs from a rather boring couple and their teenage soon. In a science class at school he learns how to build a perisc...

Renée Fokker in LelleBelle (2010) (Netherlands)

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19-year old Belle practices playing the violin diligently, but is unable to impart her music with a sensitive undertone. Her life changes when she discovers that sexual desire stimulates passion in her music.

Serena Grandi in What Every Frenchwoman Wants (1986) (France)

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A teenager returns home to relax during his summer vacation; however, in a mansion full of women, he will have no other choice but to expand his education in a more titillating way.

Sex Lies and Politics (1997) (USA)

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The debut directorial effort from filmmaker B.A. Rudnick, Sex, Lies and Politics is a raunchy comedy based on the graphic novel Click by Milo Manara. Kevin E. West stars as the appropriately named Ron Slick, a beltway...

Candy Samples in Fantasm Come Again (1977) (USA)

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An intern and a professional writer at a newspaper agency read over 10 different erotic letters detailing the erotic escapes of various women for their sexual advice column.

Beatrice Valle in Joy and the Pharaohs (1993) (France)

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Femme libre, célèbre dans le monde entier, Joy est toujours à la recherche d'expériences nouvelles. Un metteur en scène de renom lui propose d'incarner Cléopâtre, dans une super-production consacrée à la plus sensuell...

Kira Reed Lorsch in Scandal: 15 Minutes of Fame (2001) (USA)

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Three female friends get together to bolster each others careers.

Heather Vandeven in Life on Top: Growing Pains (2009) (USA)

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Bella continues to struggle with getting older; Sophie makes her decision on returning to Vertex; Cassia's restaurant plans hit a snag; and Maya decides to get back in the ring with the girl who beat her.

Renne Thompson in Passion and Romance: Ocean of Dreams (1997)

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A married couple, Melinda and Greg Arnold attempt to rekindle some fire and passion back into their marriage. They decide to take a cruise, the classic last attempt for many desperate couples. While the couple slowly ...

Gabriella Hall in Passion and Romance: Double Your Pleasure (1997) (USA)

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Romance novelist Kathleen Connell meets the suave Jack at one of her book signings. He asks for a date, and she agrees. Through various mishaps, their date is postponed twice, and we are shown the erotic wanderings of...

Heather Vandeven in Life on Top: First Date (2009) (USA)

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Sophie has her first official date with Tai. Meanwhile, Maya goes on the rebound and introduces some flexibility to her life after breaking up with D; and Bella finds herself getting more interested in photography

Heather Vandeven in Life on Top: Menage a Top (2009) (USA)

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Maya is ticked off at D for hooking up with another girl in the gym. Sophie and Avi team up to assure Giancarlo about the Vertex purchase. The Bella, Cassia, & Andre hook up has unexpected consequences.

Brandin Rackley in Life on Top: Happy Endings (2009) (USA)

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Cassia realizes her dream of opening a restaurant; Maya gets her shot at redemption in the ring; Bella considers going back to college; and Sophie's decision not to go to Las Vegas takes a turn when Tai begs her to re...

Heather Vandeven in Life on Top: Bad Luck Chuck (2011) (USA)

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Regina learns she is dating a 'good luck Chuck'--a guy whose exes all marry the next guy they date. Meanwhile, Doug battles his 'nice guy' status; 'ring girl' Bella fears that Vincent is getting too serious; and Melis...

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