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Nicole Sheridan in Voodoo Dollz: Lust Potion #9

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Christina is sent to the Lovecraft School for Girls as punishment for being caught having sex with Meg in a locker room. She finds that she fits in very well.

Venesa Talor in Femalien (1996) (USA)

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A race of extraterrestrial beings has evolved to the point that they only exist as beams of light. Not having any physical experiences in their collective memories, they send Kara (Venesa Talor) to Earth, in order for...

Sita Renne Thompson in Beverly Hills Bordello: Research (1998) (USA)

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A college coed writing an expose on prostitution struggles with objectivity during an undercover stint at that haven of eroticism known as the Beverly Hills Bordello.

Roxanne Michaels in Girl Explores Girl (1998) (USA)

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Zorkon and Galaxia are a couple of aliens who come to Earth to learn how to reproduce in order to save their dying race. However, things go awry after Galaxia discovers that she's a lesbian, which in turn could underm...

Nicole Oring in Hotties Hideout

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Fleeing the authorities after attending a political rally, a group of conscientious coeds takes shelter inside an abandoned shack. Now that they've done their patriotic duty, the protesters decide to get some "free lo...

Mary LeGault in Life On Top: Birthday Suit

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Bella has an age crisis as her birthday approaches; Sophia plans a surprise party. Meanwhile, Maya and D discuss training together again; Cassia and Bella rekindle their friendship; and Avi makes Sophie an offer she c...

Melissa Hellman in Cynara: Poetry in Motion (1996) (USA)

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1883, Baycliff, an isolated English village on the Irish Sea. Two women's friendship becomes passion. Cynara, a sculptor, alone, befriends Byron, a visitor who's left Paris in unhappiness. They ride horses, talk, play...

Gizele Mendez in Zane’s Sex Chronicles (2008) (USA)

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A groups of women in modern America going through life and the intense challenges that are part of every relationship. Despite being from different backgrounds

Katie Morgan in Vixens from Venus (2016) (USA)

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Things get funky for a strike team of sexy female aliens when they come to Earth in search for "male seeds."

Beverly Lynne in Kinky Pleasures (2006) (USA)

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Two identical twin sisters, one a glamorous stripper and the other a conservative teacher, end up switching places for a week and just might screw up each other's lives.

Angela Davies in Deviant Fantasies (2006) (USA)

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When, Tania a newly broken-hearted woman is welcomed to the neighborhood by Catherine and Delilahthe gossiping wives next door. She learns all about their dirty little secrets on the street. It turns out that what she...

Amy Rochelle in Hot Springs Hotel (1997) (USA)

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Brother and Sister, Randy and Kat, own the Hot Springs Hotel and along with Kat's Friend Lacey get into all kinds of shenanigans with their staff and customers.

Christine Nguyen in Baby Dolls Behind Bars (2012) (USA)

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Ditzy police cadet Sissy goes undercover in a security prison to get the goods on World Famous Jewel Thief, Maggie. Once inside she uncovers a devious plot headed up by the wicked Warden.

Griffin Drew in Sensual Friends (2001) (USA)

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Three married or engaged couples get together with a recently divorced friend at a private house to have a reunion. All three men lust after the divorceee, and lots of sex scenes ensue.

Holly Sampson in Lady Chatterly’s Ghost (2011) (USA)

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Married but lonely, Sandra finds herself absorbed in the novel Lady Chatterley's Lover. But passion soon leaps from the pages of the book to Sandra's personal life--especially when she takes an amorous interest in a h...

India Summer in Dangerous Attractions (2010) (USA)

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A detective goes searching for a woman who has been killing men after having sex with them, only to bond with the woman and decides to protect her.

Jazy Berlin in All Babe Network (2013) (USA)

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A failing TV Station is revitalized when their Reality Show, Hoax Hunter, goes topless in search of Bigfoot.

Julie Strain in Virtual Desire (1995) (USA)

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Brad's wife Susan is mysteriously murdered. Detective Crank has too many other things to do than find her killer so he tells Brad to do some of his own detective work. Brad begins recounting all of his affairs that hi...

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