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Zara Whites in Model Wife (1991) (USA)

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Fashion photo studio owner and female photographer K.C. loves to explore her subjects thoroughly like Russian sex-loving top model Natasha or the Model Wife who married her supposedly gay make-up artist for a green card.

Monique Parent in Divorce Law (1993) (USA)

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How can anyone expect a fair divorce case when all the lawyers are out to do a little hanky-panky on their own?

Lina Romay in Celestine, Maid at Your Service (1974) (France)

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The police raid a brothel and a prostitute (Lina Romay) escapes into the countryside. The woman, Celestine, ends up at a rich folks house where she ends up sleeping with two of the servants who then get her a job as a...

Kang Ye-won in Love Clinic (2014) (South Korea)

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A romantic comedy about a female urologist who has kissing allergies and a male gynecologist with physical fusion, opening their own hospitals on the same floor, same building.

Candy Samples in Up! (1976) (USA)

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This kicks off with the murder of one Adolf Schwartz (who bears a striking resemblance to another famous Adolf) by placing a ravenous piranha fish in his bathtub. Who did it? No-one knows or cares, as they're too busy...

Ole Soeltoft in The Sign of The Virgin (1973) (Denmark)

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In this classic from the Danish erotica collection, a town is overrun by horniness when a sex-minded professor accidentally exchanges a briefcase containing his own powder--an intense aphrodisiac--with a briefcase con...

Dyanik Zurakowska in Sexy Cat (1973) (Spain)

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A Spanish television crew shooting a pilot for a show about the hit female comic-book character Sexy Cat finds itself stalked by a serial killer dressed as the character.

John Holmes in Sex and the Single Vampire (1970) (USA)

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Count Spatula's house is invaded by a group of swingers wanting to have sex in a haunted house.

Andrea True in Hot Channels (1973) (USA)

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Harry is tired of his wife and has bought a MARK III sex simulator to replace her.

Christa Abel in Das liebestolle Internat (1982) (West Germany)

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The sexual escapades of boarders in a small and sparsely furnished private school in the Alps.

Annette Haven in Barbara Broadcast (1977) (USA)

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In a restaurant in New York, the menu is unusual, with some sauces prepared by waiters on the spot. In this scenery, at another table, a reporter interviews a famous prostitute.

Nina Hartley in Sex With A Stranger (1986) (USA)

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Strangers are brought together on a stormy night at a remote mansion for sex and mayhem.

Stacey Donovan in Doctor Penetration (1986) (USA)

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A mad scientist and his assistant use a brain-machine to steal souls of people during sex fantasies. The victims of their dastardly deeds end up becoming zombies.

Amber Lynn in The Erotic Adventures of Dickman & Throbbin (1986) (USA)

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Most erotic films do not have a cum-shot theme with the exception of some cream pie titles. THIS movie has the very rare Cum-On-Pussy scenes followed by re-insertions. The most amazing thing is both John Holmes and Pe...

Jesie St. James in Nurses of the 407th (1984) (USA)

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1980s porn parody of the classic sitcom M*A*S*H following the exploits of the staff of the titular army medical unit. This witty romp will tickle more than just your funny bone.

Brooke Young in Teenage Twins (1976) (USA)

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Prudence and Hope are twin sisters connected by a mysterious link -- even when far apart they experience each other's desires and pleasures! Jopin them while they explore their unique bond & participate in a mysteriou...

Reiko Yamaguchi in The Japanese Wife Next Door (2004) (Japan)

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A new bride convinces everyone in her family to sleep with her.

Sandy Carey in Deep Jaws (1976) (USA)

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A bankrupt studio schemes the government to finance a sexploitation mermaids film. Casting couches thus join the already exploitive studio. Meanwhile, the Secretary of State arranges an affair with the studio head's b...

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