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As the movie opens, we find Mike – who is a professor – getting it on with one of his students, played by Flick Shagwell. Sydnee suspects that her husband is cheating, and one of her best friends, played by Asia Carrera, encourages her to get revenge by doing a little cheating of her own – mainly with her!

During the hot lesbian scene between Sydnee and Asia, Brad walks in and sees his stepmom making out with another woman. Although he assures Sydnee that he won’t mention it to his father, Sydnee can’t help but walk in on Brad and his girlfriend – played by Aria – when she hears the two of them making out in Brad’s bedroom.

With Mike gone for the weekend, Brad and Sydnee start to feel drawn to each other and Sydnee makes the first move by giving Brad a blowjob in the family kitchen. Later, she ruins the relationship between Brad and Aria, and then things really get hot and heavy as she and Brad finally get it on in the bedroom. Meanwhile, Mike has finally seen the error of his ways and is on his way back to the house…not knowing what is going on between his wife and his son!

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