Added by on September 10, 2023

If you’re Gael Greene or anyone else obsessed with the late star Jamie Gillis, then Fred Lincoln’s THAT’S OUTRAGEOUS is the movie for you. Others including yours truly may be less impressed.

Probably in the wake of so many successful European porn films and the glamorous Radley Metzger/Henry Paris epics, FJ Lincoln concocted this bit of a mish-mash about a fashion photographer (Gillis) and his goofy sidekick (good old Joey Silvera at his most scatterbrained) on the loose in Paris. Touristy local color shots and other photography delivers laudable production values and the brilliant Joao Fernandes (Damiano’s genius d.p. on his classic films) shot U.S. scenes and studio work, including a massive set piece apparently filmed at the old Hellfire Club in the Meatpacking District.

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