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Nearly 15 years have passed since Kim Dusik fled to the Philippines after committing a murder in Korea. He presently lives in Manila with his Filipino wife, Medusa, and their 15-year-old Kopino (Korean-Filipino) son, Philip. Away from his homeland, Dusik’s overwhelming yearning for his old mother causes him to inflict violence on his son and sexually abuse his wife. He only looks forward to going back to Korea as soon as the 15-year statute of limitations runs out. Only a few months remain. As Philip grows up, he confronts his father for mistreating his mother. While he feels a strong antipathy to violence, Philip, in spite of himself, takes after his father’s violent behavior. Medusa finds out that Dusik is leaving for Korea in a few months and begs him to take Philip with him to raise as a Korean. However, Dusik believes that Philip must live in the Philippines because he is not Korean but Filipino. Once Medusa, who dedicated her whole life to her son, realizes that Dusik will eventually turn down her first and last request, she loses hope for life and gets killed by accident. Philip believes that Dusik murdered Medusa and burns his father’s passport. Excited to reunite with his mother in Korea, Dusik discovers the burning passport and engages Philip in a gruesome fight where he permanently loses his eyesight. Unable to go back to his motherland, Dusik is left with no choice but to stay in the Philippines with his Kopino son. He takes over at the fish market where his father used to work. Their lives go on as if nothing had happened between the two of them.

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