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American Actress Kimberly Rowe in Passion Cove: Sorority Reunion (2000) (USA)

Added by 2 days ago

148 Views0 Comments

While playing in bed with husband Adam, Diane teases him about her approaching weekend with the girls and the possibilities of Sapphic relations. After she arrives at the resort cottage, the lovely girls settle, dine,...

American Actress Stephanee LaFleurr in Passion Cove: Lost Cowboy (2000) (USA)

Added by 2 days ago

162 Views0 Comments

A famous country singer spends some time at Passion Cove to get away from the public. When pool girls does not recognize him, he pretends to be the handy man. Now ... the fun begins.

American Actress April Hanna in Secret Desires Of A Housewife 2 (2005) (USA)

Added by 3 days ago

220 Views0 Comments

When Jamie's husband Rex takes up mountain climbing, she wants to join in the fun of a new adventure! But Rex feels the sport is too dangerous for women and forbids his wife from learning. Determined to prove she can ...

American Actress Jelena Jensen in Busty Cops 2 (2006) (USA)

Added by 3 days ago

165 Views0 Comments

The Busty Cops are back in action as a train robbery and whale kidnapping have occurred and only they can get down to the bottom of this mystery.

American Actress Lucy Jenner in Seventh Sense (1999) (USA)

Added by 4 days ago

137 Views0 Comments

A blind street musician, shut off from everything but her music, begins working with a reclusive composer who uses sensual metaphors as teaching tools. Farced with the possibility of regaining her eyesight she fears s...

American Actress Laila Odom in Zane’s Sex Chronicles: Curveball (2010) (USA)

Added by 4 days ago

101 Views0 Comments

The seduction continues as the ladies must deal with the aftermath of what happened to Maricruz. There is a new hot club in town, co-owned by two women -- Jade, a childhood friend of the girls and Trinity, who is havi...

American Actress Kara Sinh in Embrace the Darkness II (2002) (USA)

Added by 5 days ago

232 Views0 Comments

A sultry vampire acts as mentor to a reluctant recruit.

Canadian Actress Vanessa Broze in Forbidden Science: Lonely (2009) (Canada)

Added by 5 days ago

128 Views0 Comments

Penny puts Philip into boyfriend training mode. When Laura begins an online virtual-affair, she uncovers secrets about who really created 4Ever Technologies and she finds out about Colin and Bethany's new romance.

American Actress Sara Suzanne Brown in Mirror Images II (1993) (USA)

Added by 6 days ago

158 Views0 Comments

Shannon Whirry stars as Carrie and Terrie, a pair of twins who were separated in youth when their father murdered their mother and was in turn killed by his own bad twin daughter. Now the sweet-natured "good" sister h...

American Actress Kim Sill in Hollywood Sins (2000) (USA)

Added by 6 days ago

149 Views0 Comments

Slick Hollywood talent agent loses everything to his scheming wife and his mistress who are secret lesbian lovers. He ends up sleeping in his friend's bathtub, but then he meets a beautiful young screenwriter who may ...

American Actress Syren in Super Ninja Bikini Babes (2007) (USA)

Added by 1 week ago

423 Views0 Comments

A comic book loving college coed is transformed into a superhero and attempts to thwart an alien invasion.

American Actress Jeannie Millar in The Key To Sex (1999) (USA)

Added by 1 week ago

230 Views0 Comments

A low-level assistant to a successful movie producer is given a very special assignment -- watch over the boss' house while he's away. The assistant thinks it would be fun to invite over a few friends, not realizing t...

Italian Actress Brunella Casolari in Devil In The Flesh (1986) (Italy)

Added by 1 week ago

280 Views0 Comments

An Italian high school student becomes infatuated with a woman he sees outside his class window. Her fiancée is in jail for being involved in a radical movement, and she spends much time in court providing moral suppo...

American Actress Peggy Trentini in Beverly Hills Bordello: Teach Me (1996) (USA)

Added by 1 week ago

224 Views0 Comments

With their relationship in trouble because their love life lacks their old spark, a couple visits the Winston Spa and gain a new understanding of each other.

American Actress Gwen Diamond in Sexually Insatiable (2009) (USA)

Added by 1 week ago

455 Views0 Comments

Three women make a pact to experience as much uncommitted sex as possible, but when one of them falls for the guy next door, the others stick to their agreement and seduce their friend's new love.

American Actress Kayden Faye in Sex Files: Sexual Intrigue (2008) (USA)

Added by 1 week ago

563 Views0 Comments

A mystery start when all the psychologist's patient are murdered, exactly after each one of them have a session. Who is the killer?

American Actress Amber Newman in The Virgins Of Sherwood Forest (2000) (USA)

Added by 1 week ago

504 Views0 Comments

Roberta is a low-budget movie director dealing with numerous problems on the set of her current production. When she is accidently hit on the head, she is knocked unconscious and dreams of living in Robin Hood's Sherw...

American Actress Leigh Matchett in Femalien (1996) (USA)

Added by 1 week ago

224 Views0 Comments

A race of extraterrestrial beings has evolved to the point that they only exist as beams of light. Not having any physical experiences in their collective memories, they send Kara (Venesa Talor) to Earth, in order for...

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