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Jessica Lee in Passion Cove: House Calls (2001) (USA)

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Rock star Petra needs to recuperate from her tour and Passion Cove is the perfect place. Lucky for her that there was a doctor on call to make house calls when she needed special attention.

Gina-Raye Carter in Passion Cove: Watching Linda (2000) (USA)

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Linda is being locked away at Passion Cove by her powerful boyfriend Dominic while he goes off to Europe for business. Driver and bodyguard, Tim stays with her to look out for her and protect her.

Maria Ford in Passion Cove: Lights Camera Action (2000) (USA)

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Passion Cove is being used to shoot a movie. The actors are having a problem making the love scene work until the magic of the house turns a befuddled scene into magic.

Keri Windsor in Passion Cove: Practice What You Preach (2001) (USA)

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Dr Henning, a writer of relationship help books, needs to relax before her next tour. Elizabeth knows what to tell everyone else, but she has no relationship of her own. A weekend at Passion Cove changes all of that.

Monique Parent in Passion Cove: Music Of Lust (2000) (USA)

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Anna is a beautiful pianist who has a performance coming up. Struggling to finish one sonata without a mistake, she contacts her former teacher Julian. His intimate instructions help her find the spot where the music ...

Regina Russell Banali in Passion Cove: The Best Revenge (2001) (USA)

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A young woman hires an actor to pretend to be her boyfriend for the weekend in order to make her ex-boyfriend jealous.

Nenna Quiroz in Passion Cove: Blind Date (2000) (USA)

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Jane has been throwing herself a pity party. Her friend Elise set her up on a different kind of "Blind Date". The type of date that only Passion Cove could inspire.

Kira Reed Lorsch in Passion Cove: The Getaway (2000) (USA)

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Amy and David are at Passion Cove for a final blow out of carnal pleasures before they get married. They run into another couple, Felicity and Matt, who claim to be renting the house. Now, it's a party!

Lauren Hays in Passion Cove: Ten Years Later (2001) (USA)

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A man keeps his promise to meet a woman at a special spot on the beach exactly ten years after they were separated.

Lori Morrissey in Passion Cove: Payday (2000) (USA)

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A pair of blocked screen-writers try to avoid distractions at a beach retreat, but a pair of lovely outdoor girl campers provide diversions, life experiences, and new subject material.

Samantha Phillips in Passion Cove: Over By Sunday (2001) (USA)

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Linda and Frank spend a weekend at Passion Cove in an effort to save their marriage. As the passion continued to fade, a young couple shows up hoping to see the place where they spent there wedding night. Suddenly, ev...

Kim Sill in Passion Cove: Where Have you Been All My Life (2001) (USA)

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A secretary with a huge crush on her boss tries to help him close an important corporate business deal.

Gabriella Hall in Passion Cove: The Bet (2001) (USA)

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Three female friends sharing a vacation rental make a bet on who can seduce the sexy handyman in the least amount of time.

Kira Reed Lorsch in Passion Cove: The Surrogate (2001) (USA)

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Ruby is a drifter who comes across Passion Cove. While squatting she pretends to be the relationship therapist Dr. Andrea Blake. When two of Dr Blake's patients arrive, Ruby has to improvise.

Shannon Tweed in Illicit Dreams (1994) (USA)

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A man and a woman sharing a psychic link meet and fall in love, but the woman's influential and powerful husband stands in their way.

Holly Hollywood in Dirty Blondes (2004) (USA)

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Two totally separate archeological expeditions going on at opposite sides of the world find themselves linked in the strangest way when one team finds a vital relic that will support the work of both. All alone in Tah...

Tane McClure in Babe Watch: Forbidden Parody (1996) (USA)

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Beautiful models wearing next to nothing, saddle up in this parody of Bay Watch.

Mia Zottoli in Sexual Curiosity 2: Secret Sins (2003) (USA)

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Jackie is a socialite who believes her husband Paul is cheating on her. To find the truth she recruits Gigi, a very attractive private investigator. At the same time, elsewhere, auto-mechanic Cliff suspects his wife, ...

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