Added by on July 4, 2024

When an old 16mm film projector shows up at their doorstep, roommates Beth and Jackie aren’t quite sure what to make of its mysterious appearance. The young women quickly discover that the whirring machine is haunted: it turns on at will and projects non-stop footage of ultra-erotic stag loops from the 1960s and 70s. Soon Beth and Jackie become sexually possessed by the flickering images, which have an aphrodisiac effect upon the luscious and suddenly very curious pair. Amidst the constant, hypnotic unspooling of the naughty loops, the roommates cannot control their surging desires any further, and they succumb body and soul to uninhibited lesbian seduction. Will there be an end to Beth and Jackie’s debauchery…or has the devilish projector claimed two more souls damned for eternity to experience the throes of erotic ecstasy?

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