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American Actress Jordana Gowan in Babe Watch: Forbidden Parody (1996) (USA)

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Beautiful models wearing next to nothing, saddle up in this parody of Bay Watch.

American Actress April Flowers in Sexual Curiosity 2: Secret Sins (2003) (USA)

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Jackie is a socialite who believes her husband Paul is cheating on her. To find the truth she recruits Gigi, a very attractive private investigator. At the same time, elsewhere, auto-mechanic Cliff suspects his wife, ...

American Actress Alina Thompson in Lady Chatterley’ Stories (2000) (USA)

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Lady (apparently her first name, not a title) Chatterley (Shauna O'Brien) entertains friends and guests with erotic stories and games leading to their involvement in sensuous activities.

American Actress Sally Golan in The Girl’s Guide To Depravity (2012) (USA)

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Sam breaks out the heavy artillery when her noisy neighbors interfere with her plans.

American Actress Chastity Lynn in Beach Heat Miami: Dirty Pictures (2012) (USA)

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Haley, Ariel and Cassidy devise a plan to get back at Roxanne. Fletch loses a sports bet to a beautiful girl from L.A. Roxanne takes secret sexy pictures of a celebrity couple.

American Actress Nikki Benz in Sin City Diaries: Michiko Gets a Makeover (2007) (USA)

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Sasha helps a shy young woman overcome her fear that she can't compete with the women of Vegas for the heart of a fellow student.

American Actress Elena Talan in Sin City Diaries: Con Man (2007) (USA)

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Angelica's lovely Russian assistant Sasha is confronted by a dangerous man from her past who wants a second chance with her. Meanwhile, Angelica and Matthew set up a high-stakes poker game.

American Actress Elena Talan in Sin City Diaries: To the Extreme (2007) (USA)

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Julius is the handsome, confident, and successful, no-holds-barred extreme-fighter promoter and manager. Julius encourages his prize fighter Kane to "do what needs to be done" to insure securing a league sanctioned ti...

American Actress Hannah Harper in Sin City Diaries: The Midnight Show (2007) (USA)

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A young aspiring writer spends a night in an old jazz club and takes a trip into the past to unravel the mystery of a tragic love affair.

American Actress Elena Talan in Sin City Diaries: Angelica Needs A Vacation (2007) (USA)

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Angelica's vacation plans leave her stranded with a handsome stranger; Matthew gives Sasha mixed signals after a late-night tryst.

American Actress Brooke Banner in Sin City Diaries: In Capable Hands (2007) (USA)

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Angelica puts on a secret wedding for a famous couple. With the paparazzi around every corner, Angelica has to come up with a plan to give the couple a great time, but keep the stalkers away.

American Actress Mary LeGault in Sin City Diaries: It Almost Didn’t Happen One Night (2007) (USA)

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Angelica's nephew Sean arrives in Las Vegas with his buddies for spring break looking for some action. But, while his buddies hook up with gorgeous ladies, Sean finds himself stuck with a sexy, but uptight bookworm.

American Actress Nicole Sheridan in Sexual Cravings (2006) (USA)

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Lusty beauties in town for a high school reunion play and gossip over past and current liaisons.

American Actress Belinda Gavin in Bikini Chain Gang (2005) (USA)

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Jessie, a waitress in a sleazy bar, is framed for robbing the place and gets a five-year stretch in prison. The prison is run by a corrupt warden and a butch-lesbian head guard, and the inmates are dressed in bikinis ...

American Actress Syren in Voyeur’s Delight (2005) (USA)

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The director, producer and editor of a romance film debate which loves scenes should be included in the final cut.

American Actress Rukhsar Rehman in Love Games (2016) (USA)

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A pair of nymphomaniacs compete in seducing couples to sleep with them.

American Actress Lynn Wolf in Prelude to Love (1995) (USA)

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A modeling agency provides the perfect setting for many romantic skirmishes between a brother and sister who share its inheritance. At first the two despise each other, but soon it becomes apparent that the fine line ...

American Actress Kayla Paige in Co-Ed Confidential 3: An Ill Wind Blows (2009) (USA)

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A hurricane blows into Spring Break. The ensuing high-jinx and craziness make the co-eds love lives more interesting. Larry decides to cool things off with the Ice Princess. As the lights go out, a flame ignites betwe...

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