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Gabriella Hall in Pleasure Zone: Partners (1999) (USA)

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Emma signs up her business partner Jon to the Pleasure Zone service. Serena was having trouble finding the perfect woman for him, because it seems his best friend is the perfect woman.

Tess Broussard in Pleasure Zone: Whats Past is Past (1999) (USA)

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Tristan is having a terrible time meeting good men. She keeps getting hit on my mama's boys and married men cheating on their wives. Fed up, she joins Pleasure Zone.

Brandy Davis in Pleasure Zone: What Was She Thinking? (1999) (USA)

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Jake's date with Brandy was a total disaster. Everything went wrong. The time was wrong. They were polar opposites in every way. A snafu on Serena's side caused the mistake. They both wondered what Serena was thinking.

Eden Svendahl in Pleasure Zone: Gotta Run (1999) (USA)

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Peter works so much that he often forgets about personal commitments. When he missed his date with Diane, she decides to not let him get away with it.

Kim Sill in Pleasure Zone: Hidden Desires (1999) (USA)

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Denise and Greg are getting bored with their sex life. Every time they make love it is exactly the same as before. She is looking for a way to shake things up. They both end up at Pleasure Zone.

Regina Russell Banali in Pleasure Zone: Promiscuous (1999) (USA)

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2,456 Views0 Comments

Debbie has a perfect date with Dean. The night went so well that she spent the night with him. Dean has a wondering eye. One woman is not enough for him. When Regina wants a second date, Dean has moved on to the next ...

Tamara Landry in Pleasure Zone: Tattoo (1999) (USA)

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1,363 Views0 Comments

Jack is bored in his marriage. He wishes for the old days with a wild-girl with a beautiful tattoo down her back. Tami-Su's motto was live dangerously. He turns to Pleasure Zone to see if they can find her.

Eden Svendahl in Pleasure Zone: All Outta Love (1999) (USA)

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899 Views0 Comments

Chris walks in on his girlfriend and best friend since boy scouts having sex. Serena sets him up with a woman who doesn't want to have a relationship. No commitments, no emotions, no hurt feelings.

Diana Gettinger in Femme Fatales: Gun Twisted (2012) (USA)

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A man and woman meet at a gun range and end up planning the seemingly perfect robbery at the bank where she works. Nothing can go wrong unless they go gun crazy.

Tanit Phoenix Copley in Femme Fatales: Trophy Wife (2012) (USA)

Added by 3 months ago

955 Views0 Comments

A woman finds out her cheating husband and his mistress are planning to kill her, and she hires a crooked ex-cop to murder her husband first.

Melissa Williams in Between the Lies (1997) (USA)

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1,842 Views0 Comments

A private detective who mostly investigates cheating husbands takes on what he believes to be a run-of-the-mill case, little realizing the extent to which he has been misled.

Molinee Green in The Sensual Secret (2008) (USA)

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1,105 Views0 Comments

The Sensual Secret was once with shared only amongst the most privileged and powerful. With the advent of our modern society these secrets have been lost. This loss has taken an incalculable toll on our relationships....

August Ames in Cosmic Calendar Girls (2016) (USA)

Added by 4 months ago

1,941 Views0 Comments

Ilya, the galaxy's hottest model, travels to Earth in search of an exciting new location for her next calendar photo shoot. However, she accidentally becomes trapped in Earth's atmosphere and begins to transform into ...

Lexi Belle in Monster of the Nudist Colony (2013) (USA)

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2,904 Views0 Comments

Mr. Hammer, a private detective, is hired to find a monster terrorizing a nudist colony and his wife is very eager to tag along.

Ash Hollywood in Passionate Intentions (2015) (USA)

Added by 4 months ago

1,843 Views0 Comments

A happily married couple falls prey to the devious schemes of a greedy seductress and her sleazy boyfriend.

Jacqui Holland in rotic Vampires of Beverly Hills (2015) (USA)

Added by 4 months ago

1,040 Views0 Comments

Beverly Hills will never be the same after the Dracula family moves into the neighborhood. As the bodies begin the pile up, it becomes clear that vampires are making a meal out of Society's upper crust, attracting the...

Erika Jordan in Bikini Avengers (2015) (USA)

Added by 4 months ago

2,010 Views0 Comments

When the Jade Empress hatches a plan for world domination, it's up to crime-fighting duo Bikini Avenger and Thong Girl to stop her and her nefarious minions.

Kylee Nash in Sexipede! (2014) (USA)

Added by 4 months ago

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A doctor tries to prove an unknown creature materializes inside human bodies during sex--by romping with her charges until she can capture it.

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