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Linda Lovemore in Highway Hookers (1975) (USA)

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Going down the road again

Marsha Hart in More Than Friends (1973) (USA)

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It's a bad sign when one of the characters carefully explains what the title means, for the slow-witted members of the audience, and that's what happens in MORE THAN FRIENDS, a slapped-together XXX exercise. It has pr...

Judy Craven in The Tycoon’s Daughter (1973) (USA)

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Three friends kidnap the daughter of a millionaire and plan to ask for a big ransom. They hide out on the farm of a family in the backwoods, and find that they're in for more than they bargained for.

Lina Romay in Downtown (1975) (West Germany)

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In Puerto Rico, a down-on-his-luck private detective is hired by a woman to take compromising photos of her husband, a notorioous nightclub owner. After he finishes the job, he finds himself hauled in by the police, w...

Darian Caine in Mistress Frankenstein (2000) (USA)

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Dr. Victor Frankenstein neglects the sexual needs of his frigid and frustrated wife Helena. After Helena gets killed in a horse riding accident, Victor decides to bring her back to life. However, Victor's inept assist...

Jody Maxwell in The Devil Inside Her (1977) (USA)

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A woman sells her soul to the devil to obtain the man she loves.

Sharon Mitchell in Joy (1977) (USA)

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A young woman, Joy, refuses to have sex with her boyfriend. But after being raped, she becomes obsessed with sex and starts having intercourse indiscriminately. She is arrested by the police but is released after havi...

Amanda Blake in Betrayed Teens (1977) (USA)

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Fourteen-year-old Linda Dunraven stems from an affluent family of New York City socialites. After Linda gets kidnapped by a gang of bikers, her bitchy mother Helen hires a private detective to find her.

Anne Sand in Dora… la frénésie du plaisir (1976) (France)

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Barbara and Jacques Bellemont, a couple of Parisians are in search of new sensations, They embark for Africa to be by hosted Olivier, a hunting guide and his mistress Dora.She tries to win back her husband by witchcraft.

Rita Maiden in A Real Young Girl (1976) (France)

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Reluctantly, a sulky adolescent returns to her parents' house for yet another boring summer vacation, dabbling in desire and the art of desirability, eventually mixing reality with vision, caged fantasies with the fie...

Monica Bellucci in Malena (2000) (Italy)

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Amidst the war climate, a teenage boy discovering himself becomes love-stricken by Malèna, a sensual woman living in a small, narrow-minded Italian town.

Kim Sill in Bedtime Stories (2000) (USA)

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Belle, a madam who runs a high class bordello, helps her female clients resolve their sexual frustrations and fulfill their sexual fantasies.

Julia Ann in Veronica 2030 (1999) (USA)

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The year is 2030 and two scientists, Felix and Maxine, are about to release their latest creation, Veronica a fully functional pleasure android, out onto the market. Unfortunately, untimely interference from a colleag...

Rungrawee Barijindakul in Sin Sisters 2 (2010) (Thailand)

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Five attractive girls find themselves trapped in an unfamiliar place with a strange voice telling them that one of them has to sacrifice her life in a diabolical ritual. Struggling to survive, the girls need to reveal...

LoriDawn Messuri in Word of Mouth (1999) (USA)

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Torri (Catalina Larranga) is a prostitute who has risen to the highest ranks of her profession -- she's beautiful, sophisticated, charming, and charges high rates that her wealthy clients are happy to pay. In fact, To...

Sylvester Stallone in The Party at Kitty and Stud’s (1970) (USA)

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Kitty and Stud are lovers. They enjoy a robust sex-life, which includes fellatio and light S&M, specifically, Stud belt-whipping Kitty. Three women come over for a party and Stud services them, one after the other.

Tracy Ryan in Corporate Fantasy (1999) (USA)

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Daisy is a beautiful no-nonsense employee in an advertising firm. Her female co-workers want to help her find someone, meanwhile the male co-workers are betting on who can bed her first.

Landon Hall in Stolen Hearts (1988) (USA)

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A psychic night club waitress and a private investigator, who may or may not be her soulmate, must find her boss' double-crossing boyfriend who robbed her before he flees the country.

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