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Dita Von Teese in Romancing Sara (1995) (USA)

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Brad and Sara meet at a party and instantly fall for one another. They go to Brad's house to have sex, but he suddenly remembers that he has to wait until the next morning to hear the results of his last AIDS test. Sa...

Mirka Madnadraszky in Below The Belt (1971) (USA)

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A boxer's manager pays a prostitute to make his boxer's nights hot, and endless. Not so strange, considering all the dirty deals the manager has with the local mafia. The strong champion has to contend with the sexy g...

Daneen Boone in Adventures of Justine: Object of Desire (2001) (USA)

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This edition of the sexually charged series The Adventures of Justine is titled Object of Desire. The story involves Justine and Professor Robson searching for jewels while nefarious baddies try and stop them. The set...

Annette Haven in Peaches and Cream (1981) (USA)

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You can't keep her down on the farm

Jody Maxwell in The Devil Inside Her (1977) (USA)

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A woman sells her soul to the devil to obtain the man she loves.

Colleen Brennan in Getting Personal (1985) (USA)

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A prostitute, looking for a way out of that life, marries an immigrant who is looking for a way to stay in the country.

Sharon Thorpe in Hard Times at the Employment Office (1974) (USA)

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Jerry Wade runs a San Francisco employment agency for hookers.

Alina Thompson in The Pamela Principle 2 (1994) (USA)

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Charles is bored with being a wealthy, successful architect. He takes a temporary job photographing undressed women and falls for Pamela. His wife, Elaine, has little sympathy for this mid-life crisis.

Sharon Stone in Basic Instinct (1992) (USA)

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A violent, suspended police detective investigates a brutal murder, in which a manipulative and seductive woman could be involved.

Julia Larot in Snow White and 7 Dwarfs (1995) (USA)

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Once upon a time a bad Queen, was pretending to be the most beautiful woman of the kingdom. but her young step daughter, Snow White, was really better...The rage of the bad Queen became very hard, so she decide to eli...

Carla Harwood in Babyface (1977) (USA)

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After seducing a girl, a man hides in a male brothel.

Marcia Forbes in Toys Are Not For Children (1972) (USA)

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Emotionally stunted child woman Jamie Godard not only suffers from an unhealthy fixation on her long absent father, but also has an obsession with all the toys he gave her as a little girl. After getting a job at a to...

Jennifer Dark in Katwoman XXX 2 of 2 (2011) (USA)

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Look what the cat dragged in

Jacqueline Lovell in Nude Bowling Party (1995) (USA)

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Two teams, one consisting of two models and one of two dancers compete in a bowling contest. Since there are prizes both for the winning team and for the sexiest bowler, the four girls strip totally by the third frame...

India Summer in Erotic Karma (2012) (USA)

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In this erotic thriller, lies, deceit, murder and magic unfold as two rival professors lust after a sultry teacher's assistant.

A.J. Khan in Lust in Space: The Erotic Witch Project IV (2005) (USA)

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Colonel AJ Khan and Captain Darian Caine travel back in time in an attempt to find a cure for the erotic witch plague which has engulfed the planet earth. Sex orgies have dominated the modern cities rendering civiliza...

Debra Allen in School Girl (1971) (USA)

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A young San Francisco college student is assigned to write a paper about a part of the city's cultural life. She picks the sex industry, and finds herself getting involved in an ever widening series of sexual adventures.

Lisa Comshaw in Secret Needs (2001) (USA)

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Although Harry and Lisa have a happy marriage, their sex life is rather boring. And it's not just the fact that Lisa is overly prudish. One day Harry collides with attractive Jessica, who works as a dominatrix, and a ...